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Blaze Dance Academy

Let us bring out the best in your child.

Blaze Dance Academy was founded in 2011 following numerous requests for high quality dance classes for children of all ages.

To date, the pupils have attained a 100% pass rate in their BATD examinations and, most recently, 97% of the pupils achieved Highly Commended and Honours results - a fact we are incredibly proud of and aim to maintain.

Summer terms are spent working towards our annual summer performance and winter terms are focused on progressing through the BATD syllabus. To date, Blaze Dance Academy pupils have performed in Flash Mobs, pop up cinema events and our annual performances as well as achieving great exam results.


A fun, creative class to introduce pre-school children to the basics of ballet & tap dance.

Suitable for children aged 2-4 years.


Arguably the style from which all others develop, ballet will develop grace, poise, strength and stamina as well as providing a great base knowledge of dance.

1st Steps, Junior & Senior classes available


Starting with simple beats and eventually building up to complex rhythms, this class develops musicality and co-ordination whilst developing strong ankles and joints.

1st Steps, Junior & Senior classes available


Modern is a fun, yet technically precise, dance style, often used in musical theatre. It involves isolations, high kicks, turns and jumps to create a physically demanding yet enjoyable dance class.

1st Steps, Junior & Senior classes available


Contemporary requires fluid movements, control and creativity. It is the style of dance taught in most dance college and university courses so is essential for those hoping for a career in dance.

Junior and Senior classes available


Street Dance covers most urban dance styles including hip hop and breakdance. It is high energy and high impact and demands lots of attitude.

Junior and Senior classes available


Featuring dancers from Blaze Dance Academy & Dance HQ, Out of This World will take you on a voyage of discovery as we dance through space, time and galaxies.

Our annual show is the highlight of our year. All the hard work the dancers have put in throughout the year can be seen on stage.

Advance booking is highly recommended as previous shows have sold out.

This show is suitable for all ages.

Saturday 30th June 2018
Show starts 7.30pm
Tickets £15 +BF

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
100 Renfrew Street, G2 3DB

Box Office - 0141 332 5057


Out of this World DVD now available to pre-order.
Keep those memories alive with our stunning performance DVD, only £15.




Blaze Dance Academy pupils in 1st Steps, Junior & Senior Ballet, Tap & Modern classes will sit annual BATD examinations in the winter term. This is compulsory for all dancers and is a great way to build confidence and measure progress.

All pupils in classes Starlite and above will perform in our professionally run annual summer shows.

Dance HQ regularly takes part in events such as the Merchant City Festival and hosts holiday workshops in preparation. Pupils and non-pupils are welcome to perform in these events.


Starlite: 2-4 yrs
First Steps: 5-6 yrs
Junior 1A: 6-7 yrs
Junior 1B: 7-8 yrs
Junior 2: 8-9 yrs
Senior: 10+ yrs

These age groups are a guideline only, please contact us to confirm the correct group for your child before beginning classes.


Uniform is an essential part of studying dance. The correct clothing & footwear not only keeps dancers safe from injury but allows teachers to see positions clearly, allowing them to give corrections and advice.

Uniforms must be worn for all classes after an initial 1 month settling in time. All clothing should be ordered directly from Blaze Dance Academy.


Nicole, age 6

I like Blaze Dance Academy because I love dancing and Miss Susan is very nice. My favourite class is Contemporary.

Hannah, age 6

I like it here because I enjoy dancing - the time flies when you're having fun! I'm very happy to be here.

Dalila, age 8

I love Blaze Dance Academy because I have lots of friends here.

Julia, age 12

I came to Blaze Dance Academy because it has amazing opportunities, including exams and shows. I love coming here because of the kind, happy & calm atmosphere and the incredible dance styles.

Muirinn, age 12

I was looking for a Contemporary dance class and when I found Blaze Dance Academy I realised that there were tons of other cool styles as well. The first day I went along they were all really nice, which made me more confident. I have made lots of friends and Miss Susan has definitely made me a better dancer.

Charisse, age 16

I chose to come to Blaze Dance Academy because of the nice studios and the chance to do BATD exams. I enjoy coming here because of the dance styles we learn and I've made lots of new friends.


Exam Success

Our pupils have attained a 100% exam success rate with the BATD. An incredible 97% of our pupils have achieved Honours & Highly Commended results!

Shine like a Star

Blaze Dance Academy pupils perform each year in our annual summer show plus many other opportunities throughout the year.

Dress the Part

Uniform is required for all classes after a 4 week settling in period. You can order everything you need directly from us.

Friendly Faces

We're proud of the friendl,y relaxed atmosphere in all of our classes so there's no need to be shy, come and join the fun.

Class Fees

Fees should be paid monthly in advance and can be paid online. no more hunting for correct change before classes.