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We have ways of making you move!

Many ways, in fact.

Choose from our regular weekly classes for adults or children, special events throughout the year, including social dances and master classes, and for those of you looking for something a little bit different we have private parties and a range of wedding dance packages to suit any budget.

You can start our classes at any time with our flexible Class Cards or Drop In and try it out commitment-free. A few of our classes are available to book in Blocks, which really help you get the most from them. Check out the FAQ page for price details.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for our live timetable and online booking.


Beginners Ballet is a complete introduction to the principles of Ballet.

Perfect for absolute beginners and those looking to refresh their memories.

This class runs in 2 month blocks, starting the first Tuesday in January, March, May, July, September & November. You can also Drop In or book in with your Class Card mid-month in the studio.


This is an intermediate level class suitable for those with some experience in Ballet.

Participants will be able to develop knowledge and skills in class with an aim to improve strength, technique, flexibility and co-ordination all under the guidance of a professional dancer and teacher.

A knowledge of the basics of Ballet is essential for this class.


Always felt like the only boy in the Ballet class? Not any longer!

Our Men Only Ballet class is open to all levels and will focus on the fundamentals of Ballet for men.  Develop strength, fitness and flexibility in a relaxed and fun environment.

You'll leave this class feeling energised and confident with new skills that will aid you with other styles of dance as well as day to day activity.


Want a dancer's body with long, lean limbs and a strong core? This is the class for you.

Barre & Stretch is a ballet-based fitness class devised to improve muscle tone, posture, turnout & flexibility.

Walk out feeling a million dollars and inches taller.


This dynamic class is influenced by Cunningham and Graham technique, and focuses on building core strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination.

Class begins with technical exercises which build up to high energy phrases at the end, followed by a dynamic stretch and cool down to finish.

For those of you wishing to attend a fun class which will leave you feeling energised and worked out, this is the class for you!


We hate the gym just as much as everyone else but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy working out.

Fierce Fit tackles every body part individually for the ultimate intensity.

It's the perfect combination of cardio and toning set to the hottest soundtrack to whittle away the inches and leave you feeling fantastic!


MTV involves various commercial styles and is inspired by music videos of the top artists on MTV such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, J-Lo, Little Mix plus many more.

The choreography will be sexy, vibrant, fierce and fresh every single week, meaning you can start at any time.

All levels of dance ability welcome and heels are optional.


Pointe work takes skill & strength but most of all it takes blood, sweat & tears!

This class will help you strengthen your feet and ankles specifically for pointe work as well as improving your general technique.

Suitable for those new to pointe work as well as those already familiar with it. Ballet technique is essential.


Master the basics of tap or give yourself a quick refresher course in shuffles, beats, taps, digs, cramp rolls and timesteps.

Don't worry if all that seems like a foreign language - it's much easier than you think. And you don't even need Tap shoes to begin with, any hard-soled shoe will be fine.

This class runs in 2 month blocks, starting the first Tuesday in January, March, May, July, September & November. You can also Drop In or book in with your Class Card mid-month in the studio.


Tap is a great workout for body and mind combining high intensity movements with intricate footwork and musicality.

This Intermediate level class aims to challenge the more experienced tap dancer with complex rhythms and combinations.

You must be confident with the basics to take this class.


Top Tips

Timing is Key

Arrive a few minutes before your class starts to give yourself some time to chill out and get in the zone!

Fix Up, Look Sharp

Wear suitable clothing for dance. We don't mean leotard & tights, unless that's your thing, leggings & a top are fine but skinny jeans are a no-no.

Check the Level

Choose a class level to suit your ability. If you're not sure, just ask and your tutor will be happy to avise you.

Stay hydrated

Bottled water is available to buy at the studio, or bring your own. It's an essential.

Find your way

Dance HQ is situated in the stunning Templeton Building at Glasgow Green. Check out the on-site map for our location.

We don't bite!

If you have any questions just ask, we're here to help and we were all beginners once!