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Dance and creative workshops have many benefits for young people in education. Increasing activity levels and developing creativity and communication skills are key to the health and well being of children and young adults. Dance HQ supports Curriculum for Excellence and can provide workshops for all ages and abilities.

Dance HQ has a bank of experienced community dance artists available to work with a range of groups in any setting. Whether it's a one-off dance experience you're looking for or a full scale choreographic project get in touch.

Current Projects

Lepra Dance Workouts

We are proud to be working alongside Lepra delivering Dance Workout sessions in schools to raise funds to help heal people with leprosy.

Since 2010, Dance HQ has helped Lepra raise funds by delivering sponsored dance workout sessions in schools across Scotland. Pupils are encouraged to consider their healthy bodies and those less fortunate as they raise funds by completing a high energy, fun dance workout session.

Our Dance Workout sessions for Lepra are fun, inclusive and multi-cultural. Everyone can participate and we regularly include Bollywood songs which not only reference the work Lepra does in India but also introduce Scottish pupils to new music from around the world.

To find out how you can arrange a dance workout for Lepra in your school, please email Lepra

Dance 4 It

We all have tried and tested methods of raising vital funds from sponsored walks, to bake sales to bag packing at the local supermarket, but have you considered dance sessions? With programmes such as Got to Dance and Britain's Got Talent, regularly featuring dance acts, being in the spotlight at the moment dance has never been so popular so why not take advantage of that and enlist your whole school in dance sessions to raise funds either for your chosen charity or for your school?

Dance HQ is proud to present DANCE4IT, the first dance fundraising programme of its kind that allows you to choose what you dance for. So if your computers keep crashing, you need to subsidise a school trip or you want to make a donation to your chosen charity why not DANCE4IT?

Previous Projects

10 Little Templeton Girls | Merchant City Festival 2016

Completed in 1892, Templeton Carpet Factory was home to one of the world's most illustrious carpet manufacturers, supplying carpets to palaces and ocean liners as well as households and businesses but its health & safety records left a lot to be desired. Find out what life was like for the factory workers during the 50s & 60s as they risked life & limb by day and danced through the night.

Mini Muddy Disco | MugStock

Last year's Mini Muddy Disco at MugStock was such a hit with families that we're heading back for another weekend of fun.

Our Blaze Dance Academy tutors, Ruth & Susan, take the lead on the dancefloor while DJ Marky Mark spins the tunes that get EVERYONE moving!

ROAR | Merchant City Festival 2015

Dance HQ & Blaze Dance Academy proudly present ROAR. The animal kingdom comes to the Merchant City in this site-specific dance performance by Dance HQ, featuring all kinds of creatures, great & small. We all know about the urban fox, but are you familiar with the animals, birds & fish who share our planet? ROAR invites the animal kingdom to explore, play and perform in the Merchant City's urban greenery.

Dance Treasure Hunt | Merchant City Festival 2014

We seek them here, we seek them there, we seek them in courtyards and lanes, even under the stairs!

Hundreds of you joined the search for our dancers around the Merchant City Festival this year as part of Festival 2014. Our performers included dancers from Blaze Dance Academy, Kick Start Summer School and Blaze, our adult performance group.

Big Dance Pledge 2014

The Big Dance Pledge 2014 was choreographed by Scottish Ballet, our national ballet company based here in Glasgow, and was performed by a number of dance companies including Dance HQ at the Emirates Arena in May 2014.

Keep It Reel

Thanks to support from Enterprise Music Scotland and Creative Scotland Dance HQ delivered a project designed to bring traditional Scottish dance into the 21st Century. Keep It Reel worked with primary school children across Glasgow to teach then create Scottish Country Dances which were documented and kept within the participating schools to form a new legacy of social dancing.

Girl Walk // All Day

Dance HQ partnered Pidgin Perfect and the Glasgow You th Film Festival in 2013 to produce the performance element of a pop-up cinema event incorporating live dance with their outdoor screening of dance film, Girl Walk // All Day.

In addition to choreographing the majority of the live performance, Dance HQ co-ordinated various community dance groups to produce a cohesive performance.

Dance HQ also delivered the outreach portion of this project in several Glasgow schools, enabling the pupils to experience high quality, theme-based dance workshops.

The Big 5 | Merchant City Festival 2013

The Big 5 was a series of Flash Mobs choreographed and performed for The Merchant City Festival 2013.

Over the course of the 5-day arts & culture festival, Dance HQ took inspiration from the countries & regions of the Commonwealth and created 5 individual Flash Mobs which were performed daily in various locations around the Merchant City.

The locations used as inspiration were Australia, India, Scotland, Africa and the Caribbean.